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Stardust is located in Florida.

We are able to cover shows in the following locations:

San Antonio


Remember the all-so-soon-forgotten e-mail newsletters that took the web by storm in the mid 90's? Well, you can file Stardust in that folder. Originally established as a "music connection" 'zine to bring alike fans to a united front, Stardust Entertainment has morphed into an online medium that is dedicated to bringing entertainment fans of all genres hot information from bands, actors/actresses, and more! We realize that readers can find information virtually anywhere, so we strive to cultivate cutting-edge material. We have found that many internet sources defy the standards of press and only include their favorite artists within their content. It is our promise to you, that we will deliver a quality product that includes something for everyone.

In the future, Stardust would like to establish itself as a top and diverse internet entertainment source. We are also trying to branch out through many different avenues and look forward to what is in store for the company.

Megan created the blue prints for Stardust Entertainment in the late 90's. The music industry is something that she has always known that she wanted to be apart of. A professional long before her time, Megan got to travel to different states to help promote artists. Over the years, Megan has worked for a major record label, run street teams for friends' bands, dabbled in photography, assisted in event planning, and more. Megan graduated from the University of South Florida in 2007 and holds a Bachelors degree in Communication, with a special emphasis in Interpersonal and Organizational relations. Her ultimate goal is to continue to help artists any way that she possibly can, and to hopefully one day manage, tour manage, and run a successful label.

Whitney is a well-traveled music enthusiast that puts her everything into music and helping artists. On local levels, Whitney has run shows to support musicians from all different genres. Although Whitney will never admit to it, she holds magical powers and is the first and last of the Merch Masters. Aside from running shows, Whitney has worked for a major record label. In an effort to expand her knowledge on the music industry, Whitney is currently enrolled with Full Sail and plans to receive her degree very soon.

Natalie has been the source behind many successful promotional and street team campaigns, most notably her work with the now defunct New Jersey band Red Light Green Light. Aside from her experience with street team and promo work, Natalie has experience on stage and in theatre. Natalie is currently in the process of furthering her knowledge of the music industry and is enrolled in Berklee College of Music where she is pursuing a degree in Music Marketing.