November 15, 2011 -
By: Megan Washington
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* Your new album How To Sail A Sinking Ship was released on October 4th and features twenty tracks. Why did you elect to put all twenty songs on one release instead of saving some of them for a follow up?
Rob: These songs were written specifically for How To Sail A Sinking Ship, and the album would not have been complete without all of them. How To Sail A Sinking Ship isn't just a collection of songs, but rather a documentation of the time period in which the songs were written. Together they complete the picture.

* Additionally, did you guys wind up with any b-sides from your recording process?
Rob: There actually are a couple of bonus tracks we recorded during the sessions. They weren't specific to the album, and have been set aside for future release in 2012.

* How To Sail A Sinking Ship is filled with such solid tracks. Have you pre-selected which songs you're going to use as singles, or how will the process work for determining them?
Rob: The first single from the album was actually a limited edition 7-inch that came out for record store day in 2010 with "Rotting From The Inside" on Side A, and "Death of Democracy" on Side B. Both felt like a perfect way to give people a taste of what to expect and advance the release of our full length album coming in 2011. The choices were pretty much unanimous with everyone involved. We have been very fortunate that the single received a lot of radio airplay all over the country too. "Rotting" even climbed up to #33 on the top 40 alternative specialty charts. We weren't expecting that at all. It was a nice surprise and got things off to a great start for us. As we got closer to the release of the album this fall, we all talked about it and decided on "Better Days" for openers, then followed up with "Lorraine" (which was the first song we recorded during the sessions). They both felt like good first impressions of JuiceheaD and the album. Later this month "Black Roses" will go to radio to mix things up a little. Its one of the most unique tracks on the album, a real black pearl.

* Was there a specific goal you had set for How To Sail A Sinking Ship (whether in the writing process, recording process, or projected sales)?
Rob: The writing process for this album happened very naturally and the only goal I had was making sure that the songs completed and complimented each other which I believe was accomplished. As far as a recording goal goes, we wanted the recordings to bring out the full potential in every song and make them the best versions of themselves. I'm very proud of this record and I feel that all goals were surpassed.

* With the music scene constantly changing, where do you see JuiceheaD fitting in to it?
Rob: Because music is subjective, it is up to the independent listener to decide where and how we fit into their respective worlds. I'm not sure that anyone can predict where the direction of music is going to go tomorrow as it is constantly changing and evolving for better or worse. JuiceheaD plans on doing what we've always done, which is to stay true to our brand of punk and keep evolving in our own right.

* A Misfits/JuiceheaD poster appeared as wall art on an episode of Dexter this season. Is the band fans of the show? How did you find out about the poster being on there?
Rob: I thought it was beyond rad when I found out. We were on the same wall with the Misfits, Johnny Ramone and Metallica. John Cafiero (who produced How to Sail a Sinking Ship) told me it was going to happen. He put that Dexter appearance together. I couldn't have been happier to see JuiceheaD included in such good company, and on such a cool show too.

* Your current tour with the Misfits takes you through the end of November. Will you be adding any additional shows (headling, etc) to close out the rest of the year? What's the forecast for JuiceheaD looking like in 2012?
Rob: There is some exciting stuff in the works that I can't disclose details of just yet, but 2012 is going to be a busy year for JuiceheaD. We plan on touring as much as possible. We're going to tour throughout the UK and Europe in February as direct support for The Misfits. We will also be releasing some more material in 2012, including a team up single between JuiceheaD and Osaka Popstar. It's looking like the end of November will mark the end of JuiceheaD's touring for this year. We plan on returning home and resting up for what is sure to be an excellent 2012.